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Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Diversity Paradigm

August 29, 2020 By Lipton Matthews

Achieving a diverse workforce is a major goal of leading leading organizations in the West. Management gurus passionately market diversity as a strategy to boost firm performance, with some even implying that it solves the problem of institutional racism. Promoting a diverse workforce is not an unworthy objective, after all, an environment conducive to fostering eclectic perspectives will yield new insights. For example, if Estée Lauder only solicited the opinions of white women during focus groups, this would be extremely troubling, since it caters to all women.

Therefore, we must acknowledge that there is a case for some interpretations of diversity. Because justification for some forms of diversity is plausible, it seems more likely that what critics oppose is not diversity, but rather the claims undergirding the diversity movement. Few recognize that arguments in favor of identity-based diversity are inherently contradictory and, in some scenarios, racist.

When liberals argue that an organization lacks “diversity,” they are usually noting that women and minorities  are underrepresented. When liberals argue that an organization lacks “diversity,” they are usually noting that women and minorities are underrepresented. Yet they fail to assert why the paucity of women or blacks, for example, in STEM is objectively bad. One concurs that foreign ideas can enrich the quality of scientific research, though the relevant issue is the observation of the individual providing the breakthrough, not his race or sex.

Noted black biologist Ernest Everett Just made significant contributions to science, due to talent and grit. Being black did not endow Just with any special intuition unique to black people, thus making him a stellar biologist. More women and blacks flocking to STEM would not be a negative, however, increasing the representation of these groups is no reason for celebration. Quality in all areas depends on the competence of the actors involved; therefore, diversity based on race, gender, or sexual orientation is irrelevant. Nevertheless, in specific situations accounting for ethnic diversity when assembling research teams may prove fruitful. Admittedly, international institutions seeking to discover why some indigenous groups oppose modern medicine should ascertain the views of native scientists for firsthand testaments............To Read More...

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