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Thursday, September 30, 2021

The left's three-pronged assault on America: COVID, the border, submission to China

September 29, 2021 By Patricia McCarthy

Joe Biden allegedly got his third jab on live TV on Monday.  He was already "fully vaccinated" and still wore a mask.  Does that give anyone confidence in the vaccine?  

Then he said he would not allow us to return to normal until 98% of all Americans are vaccinated!  While the CDC is sure to approve the vaccines for ages five and up before the end of the year, despite the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries and deaths.......Biden..........He understands nothing about science, certainly not the science of virology or epidemiology.  He reads words from teleprompters others have scripted.  He has no grasp of the meaning of the words he is reading.

The man and his minders are a plague upon America far more devastating than COVID.  COVID is the hoax to which they, the global elite, have hitched their wagon, the pseudo-plague that will bring all of us rubes to our knees.  Some Australian states have capitulated, devolving into a functional tyranny.  Police attack persons on the street without a mask or even for leaving their homes.  

Are those Stalinist tactics coming here?  Quite likely in some states, despite the fact that all their lockdowns, mask requirements, and vax mandates have made not an iota of difference in the number of cases of those allegedly diagnosed with COVID.  The Los Angeles City Council just unanimously passed a resolution requiring proof of vaccine to enter all indoor venues, including grocery stores!  This is madness.  This is medical tyranny.  This is not about anyone's health.  As Dr. Aaron Williams commented on Laura Ingraham's program, "this is psychological warfare, not evidence-based medicine."  Are detention camps for the unvaccinated next?..........

We all have to worry that Biden might be a tool of the CCP.  His son's laptop, chock-full of proof of his criminal enterprises involving his father, has been authenticated.  The Bidens have been greedy and corrupt for fifty years, yet this was the man the left engineered, illegitimately, into the Oval Office.  And now he is an embarrassment, a wrecking ball. 

He and his "people" hated and feared Trump so much that they masterminded this buffoon into the presidency.  And now all Americans must suffer the consequences of their treachery.  A million unvaxxed, untested migrants have been welcomed into the U.S. over the southern border.  Twelve thousand unvaxxed, untested  Haitians were just released into Texas.  

Soon a hundred thousand or more unvaxxed and untested Afghan refugees will be here, stalking American women in gangs, as is their wont.  They will likely be released because molesting women in groups is a cultural norm in the land of their birth — just as the rioters of the summer of 2020 were all released, uncharged with any crimes, while people who were even remotely present in D.C. on Jan. 6 have been in solitary confinement for months......

China made the Bidens wealthy by nefarious means; the Chinese purchased him. 

Joe Biden is the Democrat left's poison pill, their front in their plan to "transform," as in destroy, America as founded.  He will never cross China.  The media will never cross Biden.  For nearly two years, they have banned and buried all information counter to the administration's directed narrative on COVID.  They suppressed all information on inexpensive early treatment. ........... Americans need to begin fighting back now against Biden's spending propositions, against all of the COVID mandates, especially the vaccine mandates.  ..............To Read More....

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