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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Ohio Notes

By Rich Kozlovich

There are some things I think you may find interesting from the Ohio Star.

Former State Rep. Nina Turner Files FEC Paperwork Setting up a Possible Second Congressional Run.  As I read this I thought it was interesting in light of the fact the Ohio Redistricting Commission Failed to Produce 10-Year Map.  Apparently the commission has to vote unanimously for a ten year redistricting map, but if it isn't they have to return to it again in four years.  

 One of the reasons it took so long was lawsuits by people like the ACLU, voter groups sue in Ohio over new legislative maps, crying gerrymandering, all of which brings me to my point, Nina Turner and Ohio's 11th Congressional District.  

(You might wish to view the ACLU's recent record from the Ohio Star on what they supoport and what they're against and remember the ACLU was founded by communists with the goal of destroying America

That district covers areas in both Cuyahoga and Summit County, and has been discribed as "a detached shoulder blade with a robotic arm" extending from Cleveland to Akron, making it a safe district for a black candidate.  Here's what that district looks like.

But apparently that's not gerrymandering because it benefits Democrats and specifically black Democrats, no conservatives, black or white, need apply.  I wonder if this district will exist in this form  after this redistricting.  

 One more point which I find surprising.   Josh Mandel Campaign Releases Ohio Senate Poll with Him Still Heading GOP Pack,.......

"The poll also shows venture capitalist and “Hillbilly Elogy” author J.D. Vance still well behind in second place and Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons edging out former Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken." 

I've met him and he's a likable well mannered guy, but I'm still surprised, and wonder as he's been accused of having difficulties with embracing the truth.  He is a Trump supporter, but we've yet to see who Trump supports, and that will be the acid test.

Then there are these two issues worth noting.  

Given the fact violent crime has surged in America, and those who want to disband the nation's police forces and eliminate the Second Amendment right to bear arms claim they can't understand why, this is clearly needed.

As far as issues concerning Ohio for those running for the Ohio Legislature, there are seven questions I think should be asked of them all.

  1. The Ohio municipal income tax issue continues in courts where people who work from their homes in a different city than their employer are being charged income tax in the city of their employer.  Where do you stand on this, since this “pandemic” has created a situation where this is not only going to continue, it’s going to grow as employers are finding this is a better system often times, so clearly this will continue to be problematic for employees?
  2. There are five public employee pension plans and they’re underfunded.  When Strickland was governor it was underfunded by 60 billion dollars, which Ohio the taxpayers were on the hook for.  Now, as of September, after all these years, it’s still underfunded by 42 billion plus dollars, which Ohioans are still on the hook for.  How would you fix it?
  3. What would you do about public employee unions, and what would you do to reduce the number of public employees, and reduce regulations?  Since increases in regulations increase the need for more public employees. 
  4. What agencies and bureaucracies, if any, would you eliminate?
  5. Would you support an extensive review of all laws, regulations and tax plans and systems to eliminate redundancy, excess unnecessary spending and unnecessary costly bureaucrats? 
  6. Would you work to create a business friendly regulatory and taxing system of draw business and industry to Ohio versus giving tax breaks to companies who threatened to leave Ohio, in effect forcing their competitors to fund them?
  7. What would you do to fix Worker's Comp in Ohio?  
Just a thought or two.

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