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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Jews must shake off their prejudice towards the Republican party

In November 2008, I was devastated that Barack Hussein Obama was elected president, but reluctantly accepted his win, believing Americans were so overly focused on electing our nation’s first biracial president that they blissfully ignored his radical lineage.

Then I patiently waited until 2012.

Surely after four years of the left-leaning Obama administration, Americans who valued freedom would realize their mistake and send the radical community organizer back to Chicago (or Martha’s Vineyard). At the very least, my fellow Jews would put space between Obama and their ballot just as Obama tried to put space between the United States and Israel. But contrary to Dick Morris’ nightly proclamations on Fox News, Obama handily won re-election.

By Inauguration Day 2013, I had two choices: slit my wrists or get active. I decided to join a Republican organization and a few weeks later attended my first meeting.........To Read More....


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