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Friday, September 24, 2021

The Great Coup of 2020 and the New American State

by | Sep 22, 2021 |

We learned a couple of things this past week. We learned that General Mark Milley committed treason against the United States by telling his Chinese counterparts that he, and not the President, was in command of the United States Armed Forces. We learned that should there be any danger to China from our armed forces, he would warn them ahead of time.

In fairness to the General, I have some sympathy for his speaking with Chinese military leaders to reassure them, after the election, that we would have a peaceful transition of power. The whole purpose of the transitionary period between a President being elected and taking office is to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition, so I give Mark Milley some latitude there just as I gave Trump latitude when he contacted foreign officials before being sworn in, back in 2016 (CNN gave him no such latitude).

I do not give Mark Milley any latitude for his phone call on October 30, 2019 – before the election even took place. At that time, he was not a part of an outgoing President’s administration, and had no responsibility to help ensure a peaceful transition of power. He was, instead, claiming to have taken over as Commander in Chief himself, in a flagrant violation of his duties, of the Constitution, and his Chain of Command. That was treason, and there is no way to downgrade it, or to pass it off as something else. It was arguably the greatest act of treason in American history not directly related to the Civil War.............The traitors are in charge............Okum’s Razor says that the simplest solution is usually the correct one. If we apply that here, we would say that the Democratic Party leadership is full of traitors............To Read More.....

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