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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Can Xi Jinping Defeat Biden-led America?

Look at it from Xi Jinping’s perspective.  The PRC’s leader-for-life learned nothing from Joe Biden’s abject surrender in Afghanistan but confirmed everything that he knows about our 46th president.  Xi’s knowledge of Biden is bound to lead him to conclude -- if he hasn’t already -- that his window for conquest is during Biden’s tenure.  Weakness -- in Biden’s case, evident gross weakness -- invites predation.  It’s a law of nature and human affairs.      

By conquest, we’re not referring to anything as dramatic as an attack on the U.S.  To achieve PRC dominance, Xi would hope to avoid direct conflict with America.  War’s definition has expanded, anyway; it’s increasingly asymmetric, multidimensional. 

“Battlefields” include areas of perceptions manipulation, cultural subversion, infiltration, leveraging commerce, neutralizing or corrupting an adversary’s elites, financially and otherwise.  It’s possible to fight and win wars without a shot being fired.  The PRC has been conducting unconventional war against the U.S. for years now.  Uncle Sam has been slow on the uptake.           

For Xi, conquest doesn’t refer solely to the PRC’s longstanding desire to capture Taiwan.  That’s a first objective.  Or control of the South China Sea.  That’s international waters and vital to U.S., allied, and global commerce.  It’s the subject of creeping conquest by China...........To Read More....

 My Take - All said here is valid, except recognizing China's military while large and impressive isn't really all that effective and if we're to believe reports, morale isn't all that great and the technology for the weapons aren't that good unless Clinton sold it to them or the stole it from us.  Also, their economy is a masquerade, and they may be facing a major crisis along with the Maoist policies Xi is putting in place.  As he notes, Xi's window of opportunity is short, and after 2022 things may really turn about in America, because even easy going Americans can only stand the stupidity of government nitwits for so long.

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