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Friday, February 17, 2023

Daniel Greenfield Unleashed

By Rich Kozlovich 

You will find reading this first article is truly disturbing.   How people could be so vile is beyond explanation.  This kind of viciousness has always been with us, but its becoming so common place everyone should be disturbed and realize when society gets this out of control, getting society back in control will take strong and unpleasant measures.  America's cities have become a mess, and the Democrats own it.  

The last two articles deal with voter fraud, in a round about way.  I recently read an article from the Washington Post claiming the reason the Republicans lost a winnable race in 2022 for the Senate is because of choosing bad candidates, and the author claims they haven't learned their lesson.  And of course you know the Washington Post wants the help the Republicans all they can.  Right? You do believe that don't you?  You do believe they want to help the Republican?  

Well, I agree they picked some less than desirable candidates, but the Democrats ran even less desirable candidates, like Fetterman.  And no candidate has been less desirable for any public office than Joe Biden in 2020, and the Democrats are stuck with him for 2024 and he will run the same "I'm gonna hide in the basement campaign" he did in 2020.   So....let me say this once again.  It wasn't the candidates, it wasn't their policies, it wasn't their presentation.  It was VOTER FRAUD!  Again.  VOTER FRAUD!

Did everyone hear me? No? Let me say it again.  VOTER FRAUD!

Gov. Josh Shapiro Vows to Protect Monster Who Tortured and Killed Disabled Woman- “She was friendly, sweet and trusting” - Gov. Josh Shapiro, who was being painted by some as a “moderate” and “sensible” on crime didn’t take long to show his true colors and his real priorities. Shapiro issued a statement vowing that he will refuse to allow the execution of any killer, no matter how evil. After announcing that he would not want the Tree of Life synagogue shooter put to death, Shapiro stated that, 

“I’m respectfully calling on the General Assembly to work with me to abolish the death penalty in Pennsylvania – once and for all.” “This is a fundamental statement of morality. Of what’s right and wrong. And I believe Pennsylvania must be on the right side of this issue.” 
Let’s talk about Shapiro’s deeply warped notions of morality and Jennifer Daugherty................
Canada Proposes Just Euthanizing Everyone - Lewis was a candidate for euthanasia and that if her mother chose not to pursue it, that would be “selfish.”   Depressed? Lonely? Having trouble getting out of the house? Just kill yourself or have the government do it for you. Underage? Mentally unstable? The Canadian government will kill you too. No extra charge. “Canada should expand assisted dying to include mature minors and patients with mental illnesses”................. 
Sen. Fetterman Was Not Qualified to Serve. His Doctor and Staff Lied About It - After hospitalizing him for what staff suspected might have been another stroke, Senator John Fetterman has now been hospitalized with “clinical depression”. This comes after the New York Times reported that the newly elected senator had trouble understanding what people were saying and was trying to avoid interactions. And it’s a safe bet that we’re being told less than half the story.  Fetterman is not qualified to serve. He can’t do his job or any job. He needs extensive medical care and he’s not able to carry out his responsibilities. Whether or not he was aware of that depends on his mental capacity.............
Biden Planning a Second Presidential Basement Campaign - When your campaign plan is hoping your candidate won't have to debate, that means you know he's not competent.  The kindest advice I gave the Democrats was that they should have taken a loss in 2022. Hand the House and the Senate to Republicans and clear the deck for a new generation of leadership. Biden would have been forced to follow Pelosi into retirement after a long grueling struggle with congressional Republicans.............Instead, Biden was locked in for a second term. Most of the critics fell silent and endorsed his reelection campaign. The potential competitors, primarily Newsom, have gotten out of the way. They’ve won the battle and lost the war. And having caught the car, they have no idea what to do now..............

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