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De Omnibus Dubitandum - Lux Veritas

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich


As you read the news you don't  have to wonder why the nation is  no longer enamored with "experts".   After WWII anyone with a PhD after their name was an "expert" and no one dared question them, and  the few who did, dared not express that view.  And it's gotten far worse.

As the years went by, scientific integrity became an oxymoron, as "truth" was no longer the golden calf of science.  The search for truth was replaced with the one overwhelming passion that totally enveloped science.  Grant money, especially government grant money!  When science becomes rich, it becomes politics. 

The days of absolute acceptance of the clabber being spewed out by "experts" is gone.  We now have what's being called "amateur scientists" who read...a lot....,understand what they're reading and are unafraid to let the world know what's really going on behind he curtain.  What have we learned?   What's being hidden behind the curtain isn't pretty, and we're discovering they're actions are destructive to humanity, and in many cases, deadly.

Whether it's global warming or pandemic mandates, we're finding the same pattern of destructive behavior across the board.  And based on how students are chosen for the most prestigious universities in the nation, that pattern of what can only be defined as criminal, or at the very least corrupt behavior, will get even worse. 



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