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Friday, February 24, 2023

Research Continues to Pour In, Leaving Millions of Vaccinated Susceptible to Serious Diseases

What most people have heard about deaths and illnesses caused by COVID vaccines is just the tip of the iceberg. Medical research articles keep rolling out on a host of health impacts from the vaccines. Here a number of new articles are cited to better reveal how unsafe the vaccines are......All the new research on vaccine impacts comes from just two years of vaccine use......Thus..... there is a reasonable probability that the negative health impacts will become even worse as more time for impacts on bodies and for research increases. Another point is that even though the percent of people impacted may seem quite low, it is important to remember that there are huge numbers of people vaccinated, hundreds of millions of people, in fact. This means that very large numbers of people may be impacted by a host of diseases that at first seem minor.............

My Take  The article says the estimated death toll in America as a result of the adverse effects of these false vaccinations is in the hundreds of thousands and the cases of adverse reactions are seriously under reported.  

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