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Friday, February 24, 2023

Autopsies Confirm Covid Jab Is Killing Kids

by Dr. Joseph Mercola February 23, 2023

Discern Report Editor's Note:  Every time I post stories like the one below by Dr. Joseph Mercola, I get hit with comments and emails saying something to the effect of, “Yes, we know, tell us something new.” I get it. There’s definitely fatigue among those of us who have been ringing the alarm bells about the Covid jabs for over two years. (Emphasis added by me. RK)

If WE have fatigue sharing the information, I’m sure many of YOU have fatigue from reading it. But here’s the thing, and we really can’t get around this. While a good chunk of my regular audience is no longer in need of more information telling us the jabs are dangerous, today we have the greatest opportunity to wake up those who are not aware.

Millions of Americans are starting to question the efficacy and safety of the experimental drugs. Moreover, many of these people are starting to question the agenda itself. They see the dangers becoming apparent to them while simultaneously seeing the incessant push to get more jabs in as many arms as possible. This apparent contradiction can only be reconciled when we realize the agenda was never about saving lives and always about control and depopulation.

I have posted these articles and will continue to do so be they represent more ammunition necessary in fighting this war for the truth. You may not need convincing yourself, but being armed with information you can share with “normies” around you can not only help to justify your perpetual skepticism, but perhaps it can spark skepticism in others. With that said, Here’s Dr. Mercola…

When the COVID shots were first introduced, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made several claims about them that have since been proven completely false.

They claimed the mRNA in the shot would remain in and only affect the cells around the injection site. They also claimed the mRNA and resulting spike protein wouldn’t last long in your body. The mRNA, they said, would vanish within “a few days,” and the spike protein produced by your cells would be eliminated within “a few weeks.”................To Read More...

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