By February 1st, 2021

Biden spent the first few days of his presidency negating as many of Trump’s achievements as possible through an obscene flood of unread Executive Orders. This will create incredible damage upon the American people as the Biden Administration unleashes these new EOs. And the real danger in all of this is that the Fake News is deliberately not sharing any of the impacts of these actions with the American people. Biden continues to get a free pass from the corrupted media elites.

I mentioned unread because it is ironic how every country on Earth acts in its own interests except the USA’s new president and a large segment of the American population who think it is racist, selfish, unethical, and xenophobic to put America First.

We are now seeing the early signs of America’s adversaries testing the newly incoming Biden Administration. Biden has never been known as a strong foreign policy mind. In fact, Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates slammed Joe Biden in his book with the following statement:

“I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Gates stated on January 13, 2014, in an interview with NPR:   

“On foreign policy, Joe Biden was against aid for Vietnam, said the fall of the Shah was “a step forward” for human rights in Iran, opposed Reagan’s defense build-up and voted against the first Gulf War.”.................... 

Biden wants to negotiate with the Ayatollahs, although their utterances and records prove their intention is to go nuclear and ballistic no matter what. They have been breaking every article of faith they have already signed................The aggressive and bellicose statements emanating from the Ayatollahs regime have been increasing in pitch daily since they realized that Trump would no longer remain President. They are threatening the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel defends herself.............