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Friday, March 26, 2021

Suffering, Compassion, Tribalism, and the Left

Why I vote "against my economic self-interest." 

Danusha Goska

"What's the Matter with Kansas?" a 2004 bestseller asked. Thomas Frank's book addressed why low-income whites vote Republican, "against their economic self-interest." Leftist analysts argue that poor whites are "white supremacists" accustomed to "white privilege;" we suffer from "white fragility;" because of the "browning of America" we experience "white panic;" and we vote Republican.

What's the matter with my vote? In the most recent gubernatorial and the past four presidential elections, I voted all five times, but only for one Democrat. Like Frank's allegedly confused Kansans, I have voted against my own immediate economic self-interest. I do not do so because I have floated through life on a palanquin of white privilege. Since Democrats promise poor folk like me both money and compassion, why did I not vote for Democrats all five times?

The left advertises itself, not only as the party of economic handouts, but also as the party of compassion. A Google search of "Joe Biden" and "Kindness" turns up millions of pages. Below are the first three:........

 Mere skin color is not enough to explain patterns of leftist embrace, rejection, and vilification. Asians have recently learned that they can be uplifted in the subject of a leftist sentence and decapitated in that sentence's predicate...........The left's meticulous manipulation of who receives compassion and who is cast into the outer darkness appears chaotic, but in fact it is consistent with an underlying mythos...........There's more at work here than "selective outrage" or simple hypocrisy..............To Read More....



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