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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Blacks Won’t Be Better Off When Whites Are a Minority

Lipton Matthews, American Renaissance, March 25, 2021

Smith’s barber shop in Zebulon, NC. Although the shop has a sign in Spanish to entice the large Hispanic population of the town to do business there, few Hispanics get their hair cut there because the business is owned and largely patronized by African-Americans. (Credit Image: The Washington Times /

Although white people are often blamed for all that’s wrong with black Americans, if whites were swapped out for another race, blacks would be worse off. Only whites indulge demands from blacks. McDonald’s Corp recently announced that it will link 15 percent of executive bonuses to meeting “targets” for “diversity and inclusion.” Several churches are offering reparations for slavery. Schools are even overhauling grading systems to appease blacks. These are all white institutions, and their generosity is a product of guilt and social pressure. The more blacks criticize whites and “whiteness,” the more handouts they get.

Taking white people out of the equation would be a disaster for blacks. Political activists and celebrities cannot invoke slavery or Jim Crow to blackmail Asians and Hispanics into giving in to black demands............To Read More...

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