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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Quote of the Day

"We are entering an increasingly secular, post-Judeo-Christian world. The left has dragged the golden calf of twisted tribalism to center stage."

"There is a velvet rope around the leftist Kumbaya campfire, and a roided-out bouncer ejects anyone who doesn't meet the left's criteria. The left picks and chooses which pain, and which victims, deserve leftist balm."

"Why do I vote against my economic self-interest? The right doesn't lie to me like that telephone feminist at the women's shelter did. The right doesn't demand that I surrender all dignity before I deserve compassion. The right doesn't say to me, or, these days, to anyone, '"The color of your skin, and the flavor of your ancestry, and the skin color of the person hurting you, exempt you from the terms of our contract. Your coupon for kindness or justice or even just simple human decency is void.'"............Danusha Goska

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