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Friday, March 26, 2021

Why Stop at DC? Neocon Bill Kristol Wants Cuba in the Union Too!

Woke, never-Trump neocon Bill Kristol's argument for D.C. statehood: Annex Cuba?

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 Truth, justice, and the neoconservative way. In the post-Trump era, progressives and neocons are trying to keep the romance alive after both ideologies achieved the shared endgame of ousting the former president from the White House. It has been unclear how the alliance could keep the flame going without a common enemy. Like any relationship, it is the little things that add up to mean a great deal to love’s survival. Bill Kristol, the neoconservative in chief, is whispering sweet nothings in leftists’ ears by championing statehood for the nation’s capital. But he may have soured his appeal by taking it a bit

Cuba’s Future is Kristol Clear

Democrats are trying everything to sustain their power with President Joe Biden at the helm. From the advocacy of lowering the voting age to 16 to keeping the borders open to illegal immigrants, the donkeys are concerned that America’s current framework might not allow the party to stay in charge past 2024. But the Democratic Party has another trick up its sleeve.

The House Oversight and Reforms Committee is holding a hearing on granting statehood to Washington, D.C., with congressional Democrats arguing that the 700,000 people residing in the district need better representation. Despite being an obvious power-grab for the left side of the political aisle to accumulate more seats, Kristol agrees, tweeting that the country’s growth is reason enough for another state. He also thinks that Puerto Rico and maybe one or two more should join the Union.

But one name on his list is forcing a collective bipartisan scratching of the head – or palm to the face.

“One reason I’m for DC statehood: The growth in size of the republic–and our distinctive manner of growth, admitting states with equal status–has always been a sign of our vigor. 60 years at 50 states is enough. Time for DC, Puerto Rico, Cuba (as soon as it’s free), 1 or 2 more?”

Is Kristol unaware that Cuba is a sovereign nation? Is he recommending an invasion of Havana? Kristol may have concealed his odious positions on MSNBC and CNN to the new generation of political observers over the last four years as he lamented on former President Donald Trump any chance he had. But his imperial itch gets scratched every now and then, drawing a rebuke from both sides.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted: “Trump Derangement Syndrome in full flower: Bill Kristol is now a Democrat. Cuban statehood is too far out there even for Bernie (maybe)….” Former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson simply asked: “Are you kidding…?” Former Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth called him “a very silly and ignorant man.”

Political activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins labeled Kristol as a “colonizer,” while CNN contributor Frida Ghitis wondered why Cuba would become part of the United States. Perhaps if The Bulwark’s editor at large ended his tweet or followed up with “Orange Man Bad,” he would have garnered more support from his leftist brethren for an apparent policy position that only neocons could get behind.

The Privilege of Neocon Adventurism

For the last four years, the left discovered an unlikely ally in the neoconservatives. They, too, possessed the hatred of the billionaire real estate mogul that consumed every fiber of their being. Despite endorsing policies that were responsible for the deaths of millions of people and the destabilization of entire regions, progressives either forgave or forgot the records from the likes of Kristol, Max Boot, Ralph Peters, and the folks from The Lincoln Project. Some of them not only loathed Trump, but they also became woke by conceding their white privilege and the villainy of lighter skin pigmentation. In today’s toxic political climate, wokeology extends absolution to bloodthirsty pundits – so long as they howl at the moon about white supremacists hiding under every bed in America. Or the go-to get-out-of-jail card: Trump is Literally Hitler™. Neoconservatives will need to grovel since they have, as Liberty Nation’s Tim Donner recently opined, witnessed their influence crumble.


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