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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The World as I See It: The Reality of American Politics By Rich Kozlovich

For those who read books and keep up on what's really going on in the world, nothing that's happening now is totally surprising.  Shocking?  Yes!  Surprising?  No!  

But, for the general public, who, in spite of what they may think or say, is shockingly uninformed and historically ignorant, the events surrounding this last Presidential election, and the actions of a Democrat controlled Congress and government, are now making them aware, to their dismay.  

Here are a number of things about American politics that's been made clear to the public.   

  • Democrats are corrupt to the core and Republicans are, at best, leaky vessels as allies. 
  • Republican Congressmen and Senators have more than their share of invertebrates and are incapable of working as a team, especially on major issues.  Especially if there's a moral foundation involved.
  • Candidates lie to get elected, and then turn right around and do what they said they wouldn't do.  Especially Republican candidates who claim to embrace conservative principles to get elected.
  • All candidates accuse the other party of doing what they're doing themselves, and this is particularly true of Democrats against Republicans.
  • If you eliminate all the logical fallacies and misdirection from their comments, they said nothing.
  • When the government says taxes are an investment, know in reality, it's theft!
  • Whether it's global warming or a pandemic, when they say we have to follow the science, it really means sacrificing your rights and accept the tyranny of the fourth branch of government - the bureaucracy.
  • Science has become the Golden Calf. 
  • When the government tells you to accept invasive and restrictive regulations "because it's for the children" it's because their case for those regulation are so poor they have to play the emotion card.   
  • When the government tells you they've come to help; ask them who invited them?
  • There's a double standard justice system.
  • The Supreme Court of the United States is incompetent and cowardly.
  • The news media is totally corrupt.  
  • And there's a valid reason why the Democrat party is called the Party of Treason and the Republican's are called The Stupid Party. 
  • The military can be corrupted as easily as the Congress. 
  • The Deep State is real and it's deadly. 
  • Everything is racist. 
  • Corporations have a moral foundation of quicksand; will sell their souls for profits; they're not conservative and not to be trusted.
  • A Convention of States, which a few months ago would have been unacceptable to most,  may now be the only fix in my view.

 Have a really good day!

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