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Monday, March 29, 2021

Christian Baker Jack Phillips is in Court, Yet Again

Rebecca Downs Rebecca Downs Mar 28, 2021

By now, you've surely heard of the plight facing Christian baker Jack Phillips of Colorado, who has refused to bake cakes which go against his religious beliefs, such as a wedding cake celebrating a same-sex marriage. This time, Phillips is being sued by Autumn Scardina, a transgender activist and attorney.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Phillips in 2018. As the American Bar explained, though, in their analysis of "Not a Masterpiece: The Supreme Court’s Decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission:"

But that was exactly the issue in Masterpiece Cakeshop: Is a business’s freedom to choose its customers more important than the government interest in stopping sexual orientation discrimination?  The Supreme Court did not answer this question, but instead decided the case on narrower grounds by concluding that members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission expressed impermissible hostility to religion.

Fast-forward to Phillips himself back in court. As AP reported, referring to Scardina as 'her,' with added emphasis:...........To Read More.....

My Take - Why would SCOTUS decide this on such narrow grounds?  Because if they officially decide that neither federal or state governments has the right to force someone to perform services it becomes a slippery slope. 

 The federal government has gotten it's nose into all our personal lives, actions, thoughts, and values.  All being decided by leftist misfits and bureaucrats.   Think about this.  If they decide the government can't force someone to bake a cake on any grounds,  can it then be decided restaurants don't have to serve blacks because they're racists?   Or Muslim's can refuse to serve Christians or Jews because their religion says to hate them.   

SCOTUS sees least in my opinion.... deeper, farther and wider than the general public because it's obvious multicultural thinking is a massively destructive force in America, and it's a mess they're afraid to address.  

But make no mistake about this. If I see this in this light, and I think SCOTUS sees this in this light, do we really believe these litigant activists on both sides don't see this in this light?  Unfortunately Mr. Phillips, who just wants to make quality cakes for his customers, is caught up in a much broader issue not of his own making and one he can't stop. 

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