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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sean Gabb Newsletter, 28th March 2021

 By Sean Gabb,

My teaching is over for a few weeks. Here is the whole series of my lectures on the Decay of the Roman Republic and on the Crusades. My general approach to teaching is that anyone who makes his political opinions overt and continuous isn't up to the job and is insulting his students. However, it's probably impossible to speak for 25 hours without making an implied statement of opinion. You may wish to decide for yourself.

Here is a free copy of my latest book, on the Coronavirus Panic ( My view is that the response has been disproportionate to the threat, but that the changes brought about are broadly favourable to freedom and diversity. At the very least, a year's disruption to schooling has detached a generation from the drip-feed of ruling class propaganda.

Something I will find time to write about is the sudden democratising of the education market. Now that on-line teaching has moved from the fringe to the mainstream, I find myself in bottomless demand all over the world for Latin prose composition and the Ancient Languages at every level. I have classes in Europe, in North America, in Hong Kong and in Singapore. Either this wouldn't have been possible before last March, or I'd not have extended my marketing outreach to go that far.

Whatever the case, the Coronavirus hasn't done me any harm so far, and I suspect it won't do any harm to the world as a whole.

Here are the lectures:

Sean Gabb Lectures January-March 2021

The Crusades

Rome: From Republic to Empire

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