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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Elite Private Academy Refuses to Show Race-Based Curriculum to Parent

Chrissy Clark, Daily Wire, March 17, 2021

An elite private school in Ohio refuses to share copies of its race-based curriculum with parents, even as students were subjected to a“civil disobedience” walkout orchestrated by the school’s top leadership.

For the price of $30,000 per year, students at Columbus Academy (CA) are being taught left-wing political opinions as fact, according to parents at the school. The school — like other elite institutions across the nation — has allegedly opted to teach “anti-racism” and “critical race theory” in the classroom.

Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez are two parents spearheading a coalition to push back on what they call the school’s “intimidation and bullying” campaign against students and parents with non-progressive views. In an open letter to the school, Gross and Gonzalez — on behalf of 160 parents, students, alumni, and faculty with differing political views — presented evidence that the school has been intolerant towards people that view “anti-racism” and “critical race theory” as a form of racism...........

Parents claim the intolerance came to a head on January 15, when the high school’s Dean of Students, Head of School for Student Outreach, and Director of Diversity and Community Life hosted a “civil disobedience” walkout for students. Students were asked to leave their classrooms and come to the gymnasium to participate in a “Black Empowerment” tribute..........Parents have raised questions with Academy leadership and gotten minimal response. Parents have specifically requested copies of materials being used to teach about racism and the school has refused to provide any information, Gross and Gonzalez said.......................Original Article



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