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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Voter remorse over Biden and his puppet masters

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis says countless Americans are waking up to today's 'dictatorship'

 Patrice Lewis By Patrice Lewis March 26, 2021

Now that the ├╝ber-left are in control of this nation, Americans – including leftists – are beginning to see what's in store for us. The result is massive voter remorse for many people who voted for Biden for no other reason than to stick it to Trump.

The radical left has openly declared war on America. It is ruthlessly attacking our history, culture, faith, populace, books, games, language, race relations, schools and freedoms. They are not even pretending to be guided by the Constitution and Bill of Rights anymore.

Yet ironically, it also means their greedy power-mad totalitarian strategies are now on full display for everyone to see. Their policies and tactics are being described by some as jaw dropping. "It is little wonder that an increasingly flabbergasted citizenry, as well as many nations throughout the world, are beginning to question what sort of future is in store for the United States," observes Steve McCann on American Thinker. Even press secretary Jen Psaki can't come up with enough lies to defend what's happening at the southern border.........To Read More......

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