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Friday, March 26, 2021

Jihad Watch III By Rich Kozlovich

"Jihad is essentially a permanent state of hostility that Islam maintains against the rest of the world.” - Paul Fregos,  Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries"

  1. Belgium: On anniversary of Brussels jihad massacre, Muslims declare that they’re the real victims By “‘I spent the day as a zombie,’ said Mustapha Chairi, head of the Belgian Centre against Islamophobia (CCIB). ‘I just took the metro prior to the one that exploded.’” Maybe he really did take the metro just prior to the one that exploded. It’s an absolutely unverifiable and undisprovable claim. Whether it is true or […]
  2. Norway: 16-year-old Muslim who ‘believes the killing of infidels is legitimate’ had bomb-making manual By What could possibly have gone wrong? The lad was just celebrating diversity, after all, and diversity is our strength. Say, where did the young fellow learn that “the killing of infidels is legitimate”? Has his family been investigated? Has his mosque been investigated? Why not? “NRK: Norway’s Police Security Service found a bomb manual on […]
  3.  UK: Islamic State’s Shamima Begum says she joined the jihad because she didn’t feel loved as a childBy - An incalculable number of people didn’t feel loved as a child, but they do not participate in the gruesome murder, maiming, torture, and enslavement of other human beings because of it. Those who do are imprisoned for the safety of the public. The more Shamima Begum talks, the worse it gets. Those who sympathize with […]
  4. ‘Missiles will be launched from Yemen towards the so-called Tel-Aviv and the Zionist entity will be destroyed’ By Adding to the jihadist threat to Israel from Yemen is that fact that Iran is active there via the Houthi rebels. Despite that, however, Joe Biden took that Iranian proxy group off the “terrorist” list. The Biden administration has emboldened Iran against Israel, and more broadly the West, via his pursuit of a nuclear deal, […] 
  5. It’s No Surprise Cornel West Would Blame the Jews For His Not Receiving Tenure By Elder of Ziyon dismisses Cornel West’s blaming his failure to be given tenure on those angry with his position on the Palestinians and Israel: West is not telling the truth. He was not denied tenure – his position was not a tenure track position! As this article notes, most academic jobs — even senior ones — are not tenure track anymore. West’s position wasn’t ever eligible for tenure to begin with, and he knew this when he rejoined Harvard in 2016...........
  6. DHS top dog: ‘Domestic extremism’ is the most ‘lethal and persistent terrorism-related threat’ to US - By Conspicuously lacking once again is any definition of what exactly constitutes “domestic, ideologically motivated extremism.” Is it support for violence and actual insurrection? Or is it simply holding views that dissent from the hard-left agenda? It is increasingly clear that the latter is meant. The January 6 Capitol riot is a “searing example” of the […] 
  7. France: Muslim student tells teacher, ‘My father will behead you,’ teacher forced to apologize and is suspended By When those who are supposed to be inculcating understanding of and respect for French values into students instead abdicate their responsibility and surrender the freedom of speech when it is challenged, how will free society in France (or anywhere else) survive? “‘I, Luc, threatened with beheading and suspended by the National Education Inspectorate,’” translated from […]
  8. UN top dog claims ‘anti-Muslim bigotry’ has risen to ‘epidemic proportions’ - By Once again we get no definition of terms, and it is important in this context to know what Guterres is talking about. It is virtually universal practice in the U.S. and Europe nowadays to consider all honest examination of the motivating ideology behind jihad violence to be “anti-Muslim bigotry.” Yet such examination is, if those […]
  9. From a 1700-Year-Old Buddha Statue to a 75-Year-Old Buddhist: A Brief Account of Islamic Aggression By - While we have extensively discussed the atrocities unleashed by Islamic jihadis upon Christians and Hindus, jihadis often perpetrate the same atrocities against Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists. Together these groups form micro-minorities on the Indian subcontinent. Though Buddhists have a strong presence in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, they are still a minority in the subcontinent’s vast […]

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