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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

If The GOP Wants To Put America First, It Should Put The Chamber of Commerce in Its Place

March 23, 2021 by Paul Bradford 

Georgia Republicans want to make their elections work better after the 2020 disaster. They’ve proposed sensible measures to eliminate no-excuse absentee ballots, remove dubious ballot drop-off boxes, and reform early voting times. This effort would restore trust in the election process and ensure every ballot is legitimate. But, for some strange reason, this legislation has drawn the ire of the state’s business community.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce last week expressed its “concern and opposition” to these measures in an official statement endorsed by Home Depot and Coca-Cola, two major corporations based in the Peach State. Black Lives Matter, Stacey Abrams, and other left-wing activists are pressuring these corporations and others to do more to oppose these election reform laws. They’re running TV and newspaper ads to strongarm companies into doing their bidding, and there’s a good chance the corporations eventually will bend the knee. Few corporations nowadays can resist the woke mobs.

The Chamber of Commerce is at the forefront of appearing to show support for BLM’s demands. This is a group that has worked hand-in-glove with Republicans for years. Why should they suddenly work to ensure Georgia elections permanently favor Democrats? Democrats aren’t going to roll back regulations, cut taxes, or grant the other corporate favors the Chamber demands. Why betray the political party seemingly most aligned with their agenda?

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a likely contender for president in 2024, has his own theory for this development.

“The Chamber is captured by its biggest multinational corporations, and they are more in support of those businesses than they are in support of open and competitive markets,” Cotton said in a fiery radio interview Tuesday with syndicated talk show host Hugh Hewitt. “I mean, the Chamber of Commerce long ago purged most, if not all, of its real Republicans in top ranks.”..........To Read More....

The senator mocked the Chamber for endorsing liberal Democrats in 2020 who voted against the group’s stated interests as soon as they got into office.

Cotton also accused the Chamber of serving as “a front service for woke corporations [that] are trying to peddle anti-American theories and demanding that their employees get reeducated and indoctrinated on anti-American ideas, like the fact that somehow we’re all terribly racist, or every one of our institutions is racist, and we all need to go to reeducation camps.”

A Permanent Rift?............To Read More.....

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