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Monday, November 8, 2021

San Francisco is a Mess, and They're Shocked, Outraged and Terrified! Imagine That!

Residents of a Tenderloin-area building say they're scared to go outside because of aggressive homeless people who've set up the city's biggest vagrant camp.  They are occupying an alley near their high-end building, where units have fetched more than $1 million.  One man living in the encampment is known to throw feces, while others steal, break into the garage, and litter the area with garbage, attracting rats  ‘This seems to be a safe space for chop shops, drug trafficking,' one woman said.  The encampment grows as data shows that San Francisco's attorney general is taking a more lenient approach to charging criminals with thefts.
Well, that's a great big schadenfreude!  
These leftists, especially the wealthy leftists, stood atop their own self-righteous mountain and looked down their noses at the "dispicables" and those bitter Americans "clinging to their guns and Bibles".  After all, if you disagreed with them you were either racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, or crazy!  Or worse yet, you thought the Constitution was supposed to be the law of the land, and even worse than that, you think laws should be enforced, criminals prosecuted and sent to jail.  Imagine that!
Well, they've gotten what they wanted, a totally leftist government at every level of government in California. California is now a state totally controlled by lunatics.  So, how's that working out for them?  Apparently not very well, and they're whining about it!  Imagine that! 
Well, oodie boodie boo, poor little muff muffs.   It turns out the little muff muffs don't like the mess, having a homeless lunatic throw feces at them, thugs breaking into their garages, the litter and garbage everywhere along with the accompanying surge in rats, and I'm sure other pests including bed bugs.  Not to mention the stench from these misfits urinating and crapping wherever they please, or being accosted by them.  Imagine that!
In their arrogance they elected officials that are refusing to prosecute criminals, and crime surged. Imagine that!  All of this was perfectly predictable, except to these arrogant, smug and self righteous leftist minds, because ideology really does make smart people dumb.  
This isn't an exclusively California problem, it's a massive leftist problem nationwide.  It's the same in NYC, L.A., Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis, all run by leftists, all going up in flames.  Filled with bums, thugs and misfits, all of whom are a massive non-productive burden socially and economically in these cities, and it's become so rampant, it's a burden on the nation, and now the nation is bring run by the same kind of lunatics who are working to make this America's standard, and they, and their co-conspirators in the media try to convince the nation's "dispicables", and those "clinging to their guns and Bibles", who are the ones who are insane.  Imagine that!  
Well, they talked the talk, shouldn't they be required to walk the talk?  Yes, but get this. They don't want to.   
Imagine that!

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