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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Quick Thoughts on Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

By Mychal Massie November 14, 2021 Gun Ownership     Political, Christian and Conservative Issues     Second Amendment
In the course of our discussing back and forth pursuant to Kyle Rittenhouse trial last week, my attorney shared the following thoughts.  They are spot on and I concur in toto.  
Here, the prosecution’s own witnesses have already confirmed/admitted that:  ‘Defendant Rittenhouse’ was cursed at; threatened; chased by multiple agitators; physically knocked down; and had a gun pointed at him, with threats…before acting to defend himself.
It would seem mighty clear here, that perhaps:
This Judge should have ‘directed a verdict’ at that point, and for the defendant; as the prosecution’s own witnesses actually have proved his self-defense claim.
But instead, this Judge let this open travesty continue (perhaps himself being afraid that Antifa-terrorists will show up at his own door?)…
Meanwhile, a journalist-witness is claiming that he was approached by these same prosecutors – who asked him to change his testimony (that would support the defendant – to go against the defendant).
So, it sounds like:
The real criminals got shot legally; some got away; and the rest…are sitting on ‘the bench’ and in the D.A’s office


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