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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Texas School Board President says Parents should be ‘Ashamed’ for Protesting Pornographic Books in School Libraries

By November 10, 2021

The president of a school district’s board of trustees in Texas is facing backlash after criticizing parents who protested against the inclusion of pornographic books in their children’s libraries, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Ruthie Keyes, a retired teacher and president of the Keller Independent School District (KISD) board of trustees, defended the inclusion of Maia Kobabe’s book “Gender Queer” in the district’s libraries. In a Facebook post about the controversial book’s removal from the district, a parent rhetorically asked how “with so much beautiful literature available to enrich the mind and human spirit, THIS is what is offered for our youth to read??? KISD should be ashamed.”

In response, Keyes commented that the book was just one of “589,000 in the district,” and that “the only reason hundreds of people saw it is because people started distributing out on social media.”......To Read More...

Scottsdale School Board Member Publicized Parents Social Security Numbers, Divorce Proceedings, Financial Records In Effort To Track Out spoken ParentsChrissy Clark - November 10, 2021 - .......The folders housed within the dossier are labeled “SUSD Wackos,” “Press Conference Psychos,” and “Anti Mask Lunatics,” among others. Included under “Press Conference Psychos” was a video that shows parents calmly holding signs that read “CRT is Racist” and “SUSD We Demand Transparency.”......

My Take   I know anyone can sue for anything, but that doesn't mean a lawsuit will work.  I'm curious, does anyone think this is litigable? Whether it is or not, "the process is the punishment." This is another example of when barbarians fight with wimps the barbarians win every time, and so I hope these, “SUSD Wackos,” “Press Conference Psychos,” and “Anti Mask Lunatics,” turn into warriors and take serious action to crush the credibility of these people so they're not in a position of public trust ever again.  


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