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Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Pick of the Left's Litter

November 7, 2021 By Rick Fuentes

The cascade of unforced domestic and international policy errors of the current administration, each more damaging to our economic well-being and national security than any fabricated misstep of the Trump presidency, has not dissuaded most Republican senators from allowing radical ideologues to assume positions of power. Juxtapose that to the mistreatment of Trump nominees, when Democrats flashed a middle finger across the aisle at those who had previously anointed the way for Obama’s cabinet picks.

In the catbird seat, Biden seems more a cat’s paw president, a career politician who upended mathematics and political history by winning more votes than voters after a bumbling basement campaign that sparked little public interest.  He has brought both sympathy and worrisome attention to the cognitive plight of the elderly.  Reflexively, he rubber-stamps executive orders that appear out of nowhere and level a wrecking ball at the American economy.  Without White House meddling, the legacy economy would have sailed out of the COVID storm.  Instead, the concurrence of inoculation mandates, supply gridlock, needless energy dependency, putting the unvaxxed labor force on the breadline, and government alms that encourage unemployment in a favorable job market papered over with Help Wanted signs, all have the economy circling the drain.

Biden is most troublesome when he wanders away from the teleprompter and the country.  Recently, he jetted off to Glasgow with an entourage of 13 cabinet members and hundreds of staffers.  Along the way, he took a convoy of gas guzzlers to the See of Rome to charm the papacy with his devoutness to climate change. Biden was blessed to feast on the Lord’s host, a sure sign that Marxist kinship trumps the sanctity of life and values expected of all good Catholics...........To Read More....


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