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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Saving the Rainforests Will Not Stop Global Warming: Here's Why

November 8, 2021 By Wen Wryte
Apparently, at COP26, world leaders agreed to a deal to end deforestation of rainforests, ostensibly to stop global warming. This deal relies on implicit arguments that are nonsensical.  What’s happening to the rainforests is a classic example of how the official narrative ignores logic and reality.

The deforestation of the world's remaining large-scale forested areas (mostly in under-developed poor countries with few exploitable natural resources) is a big issue for conservationists.  And they are right to be concerned.  The rainforests are an under-researched reservoir of biological diversity.  So any international agreement to protect rainforests has got to be worthwhile -- but only if the net effect is beneficial. .........To Read More..... 


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