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Friday, November 12, 2021

Trump White House’s Weapon Against Deep State Saboteurs Rattles Establishment Media

Allum Bokhari 11 Nov 2021 

It’s been over a year since the 2020 election, but the establishment media are still addicted to Trump-bashing. Their latest target is John McEntee, one of the former Trump White House officials who loyalists to the former president believe was effective in implementing his agenda and cutting down on leaks and disloyalty in the ranks.  McEntee is a subject of a recently published book excerpt from Betrayal, from Jonathan Karl, chief Washington correspondent for the establishment broadcaster ABC News.

Published in the Atlantic, a magazine now owned by far-left billionaire tech heiress Laurene Powell Jobs, dubbed the “new Soros” by Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, the excerpt is overwhelmingly negative in its assessment of McEntee.  On the plus side, the piece provides a useful guide to Republican voters and Republican presidential hopefuls regarding who can and cannot be trusted in the federal government.  McEntee’s crime, in the eyes of the establishment media, is that he fought back against the efforts of establishment Republicans and permanent bureaucrats to sabotage the Trump presidency–and even worse in their view, he actually succeeded.  

Throughout the Trump years, the media made celebrities of bureaucrats and White House political appointees who leaked against the President, undermined his agenda, or turned on him after exiting the presidency..............

A Republican president would face far worse from the deep state. Republicans, unlike Democrats, think the size and power of the federal government are bad. They oppose the pet projects of woke officials like Critical Race Theory and the denial of science on issues of gender.

They think the elected President should run the executive branch, not unelected bureaucrats. Some Republicans (not the swampy ones) even believe that bureaucrats should serve the American people, not the corporations they hope to work for later.

People who can navigate this complex and hostile environment are in short supply......To Read More.......



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