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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A disgraceful prosecution finally rested in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

November 10, 2021 By Andrea Widburg

On Tuesday, the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution rested its case after its witnesses once again strongly supported Kyle’s assertion that he only acted in self-defense. In a righteous world, the judge would, on his own initiative, order a directed verdict in Kyle’s favor. Instead, it emerged that there’s a plan to terrorize the jurors (and, by implication, the judge). Also the mainstream media, of course, pretended that the prosecution had actually proved its case.

Once again, I’ve turned to Andrew Branca’s excellent post summarizing what happened at the trial and, again, I’m just skimming the surface of his analysis. To orient those of you who haven’t been following this, Kyle Rittenhouse borrowed a rifle, gathered his medical kit, and headed to Kenosha in the wake of the Jacob Blake riots. His goal was to help clean up the damage, offer first aid, and protect businesses from being destroyed. Instead, he shot three White, communist felons, two of whom died. Video footage supported the claim of self-defense and, as the six days of trial have shown, witness testimony did too.

The prosecution put on two final witnesses before resting its case: James Armstrong, an imaging expert witness, and Doug Kelley, M.D., who performed autopsies on the two men Kyle killed. Armstrong was a substantively useless witness while Kelley’s evidence affirmatively helped the defense. I’ll ignore Armstrong and focus on Kelley...........To Read More....  

  • Citizenship and Courage By Christopher Roach - The world is better for young men like Kyle Rittenhouse defending their communities. .......A young Kyle Rittenhouse worked with other volunteers to protect Kenosha, Wisconsin from violent Antifa and BLM rioters. He ended up being attacked and defended himself from a violent mob, killing two and wounding one in the process.  In Georgia, a father and son, frustrated by a series of thefts, tried to stop a suspected burglar, Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery ended up charging them and reached for the son’s gun, only to be shot dead in the melee.  One man’s courage is another man’s rash vigilantism. Critics say Rittenhouse and the McMichaels were stupid and full of bloodlust for getting involved, and should have left these matters to the professionals. This cautionary message is widespread and does not come exclusively from the Left..............


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