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Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Fatal Flaw At The Core Of Wokeism

November 7, 2021 By Steve Rose

Wokeism is fatally flawed at the core. It pretends to be a road to universal harmony. But it will never deliver. Wokeism might seem intimidating at first but, like the Death Star, critical weaknesses make it vulnerable. The most obvious flaw is that certain individuals claim to be oppressed while simultaneously enjoying support from the government, the media, academia, the entire entertainment industry, Big Business, and Big Tech. You can either be a marginalized victim or enjoy the support of the most powerful institutions in existence but not both.

Wokeness also contradicts itself. Take the phrase, “all white people are racist.” Translation: “People with this skin color are bad because they divide people up based on skin color.”  Wokeism takes superficial human traits—such as skin color, which reveal nothing truly important about an individual—and makes them the central organizing principle of society. They’re trying to reorganize our entire society around superficial traits.

What about its effects? Does Wokeism deliver on its promises? Exactly the opposite. Aside from making everyone miserable and poisoning the culture, Wokeism makes race relations worse..........To Read More............

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