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Thursday, November 11, 2021

UN Fires Whistleblower — Who Says Communist China Is in Charge at the World Body

By , Special to the Sun | November 10, 2021

The decision of the United Nations to fire a whistleblower at the Human Rights Commission is a shocking development that raises an increasingly serious question for President Biden and other Free World leaders — has Communist China taken over the World Body that, at least ostensibly, was founded on America’s ideals of liberty?

According to the whistleblower, Emma Reilly, who was let go by the UN today, even Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, tacitly admitted to her that those in charge of things in Beijing are the real bosses of the world body, not him. Nor was the Biden administration any help as this crisis came to a head.

 “Fundamentally, the entire story is about breaking the UN rules for China,” Ms. Reilly told me after being informed that her job with the UN Human Rights Council was terminated. Today’s sacking caps a sordid tale that started when Ms. Reilly, an Irish human rights lawyer, alerted her bosses that UN officials had handed over to the Communist regime in Beijing names of Chinese dissidents planning to attend a session at Geneva.

The dissidents were summarily imprisoned and tortured. Members of their families were harassed. In one case, a person reportedly died. That horror tale should be ringing all alarms at a body aiming to be the world’s highest arbiter of human rights. Instead, the UNHCR bureaucrats went after Ms. Reilly for exposing the scandal, accusing her of having unauthorized contact with the press. ..........To Read More....


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