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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Riot Cops Forced To Break Up Massive Fights After Antifa Terrorists Storm Protest Against Mandates in Boston

By Julian Conradson November 8, 2021

On Sunday afternoon, a large group of Antifa goons targeted a Covid-19 mask and vaccine mandate protest that was held in Boston. The situation quickly escalated into violence once the black-bloc larpers arrived and began to harass the peaceful protesters, which forced the Boston Police riot squad to step in to regain control after fights several fights broke out.

The two crowds were separated by a small barrier, and it stood no chance once the fight broke out.......The wannabe jackboot thugs were antagonizing people the entire time they were present at the protest. They screamed and used noise-making equipment to disrupt the speakers during their time on stage, and even held a flag that featured the faces of Stalin, Mao, and other oppressive, murderous dictators........To Read More....


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