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Monday, November 8, 2021

So now most truck drivers will be exempt from the vaccine mandates

Jazz Shaw Nov 07, 2021

That announcement from President Joe Biden about federal vaccine mandates that would affect nearly all workers in the private sector is about as solid as a slice of swiss cheese. Every time we think we’re getting our heads wrapped around it, more changes or exceptions seem to appear. The latest is being hailed by representatives of the trucking industry as “a huge victory” because the Department of Labor has now decided that most truckers will not fall under the mandate. And if they do, they will have the option of submitting weekly negative COVID tests instead of getting the shot if they wish. So what makes truck drivers so special? Read on and find out, but it’s probably not any of the obvious answers that might jump to mind. (Yahoo News)..........To Read More....
Robin's Take -  More arbitrary rules.  All of this stuff has been rampant unscientific un-medical arbitrary insanity.  And the people who keep passing these edicts, including Biden, Harris, Fauci, etc., etc., have already proven time and again with their own actions that they don't for a second think these edicts are worth anything.  They violate their own rules in a split second as soon as they think the cameras are off, and have been caught doing so time and again.

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