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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Faux Science Dictates CDC's COVID Directives

November 10, 2021 By Renee Parsons

After almost two contentious years in the throes of the COVID pandemic that was speculative and problematic from the beginning, partisan loyalists, once known as socially conscious Democrats, continue to justify the unconstitutional lockdowns and its violations of humanity as "following the science."

Those same Democrats have now morphed into an activist Marxist throng as the pandemic offers the perfect opportunity to distort "science" in order to accomplish the final malevolent chapter of the globalist cabal's agenda of altering Homo sapiens into a transhumanist world order.

The mandatory COVID lockdown and vaccine requirements are sold to the public as a legitimate scientism perpetuated by a longtime government health institution once considered an  independent watchdog.  Instead, the CDC has a long history of offering politically inspired evidence as a facsimile for real science where the dilemma may rarely be settled.  Thankfully, many medical professionals have stepped forward to pursue real science: an ongoing inquiry that raises doubt as it is tested with precise application, seeking analysis that develops through a rational examination of the facts based on reason, evidence, hypothesis, or collective investigation............To Read More....

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