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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Fauci should 'get' while the gettin’ is good

Does Anthony Fauci see the handwriting on the wall?  His boss and enabler, the immensely hypocritical Francis Collins, apparently can take a hint.  He's getting out while he can.  He'll ride off into the sunset with a hefty government pension and the adoration of his sycophants.  But Fauci? 

He must see the storm clouds gathering.  No one, not even a true dictator, can stand in front of the cameras as many times as Fauci has, can pontificate to and manipulate a nation the way Fauci has, and get away with it indefinitely.  Remember the Ceaușescus, Tony?  Remember Colonel Gaddafi?  Sure, they held on a lot longer than two years, but then, they had secret police.........To Read More....

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