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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Leaders at One of America's Largest Investment Firms Must Now Get Approval to Hire White Men

By Mike Miller | Nov 08, 2021

Another day, another headline that looks like it’s straight from the satire site, The Babylon Bee.  State Street Global Advisors — actually one of the world’s largest investment companies — has announced that henceforth, its leaders will need permission to hire white men as part of the company’s new diversity hiring initiative. “This is now front and central for State Street; it’s on every senior executive’s scorecard,” said Jess McNicholas, the company’s head of inclusion, diversity, and corporate citizenship........To Read More....

My Take - Why isn't this outright racial discrimination?????  Because they're not being sued.  If enough firms are sued over this kind of disgusting behavior it will end. 

Otherwise, if this is acceptable behavior, then firms should be able to choose to hire only whites, or Jews, or blacks, or Hispanics or homosexuals, or Christians, or atheists, or Muslims, if that's the owner's view on how a company should be run.  Then we should be able to refuse service to those we find unacceptable in restaurants, hotels and businesses based on whatever social paradigm the owners choose.   

But it can't go only one way.  That's illegal.  And now we're seeing the other side of this issue, Native American Lawsuit Challenges Colorado Ban On Native American “Mascots” As Discriminatory.  Is it possible most tribes aren't in favor of these name changes, and this whole thing was being driven by a handful of misfits and the misfits known as the Main Stream Media?

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