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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Who Are the Real Fascists in America? By Rich Kozlovich 

The publisher of America Spectator is Melissa Mackenzie who also publishes a Newsletter, to which I subscribe. Her latest commentary in this newsletter is entitled, "FASCISM: America's Social Credit System", where she points out something that can only be considered seriously dangerous, and a bit frightening,  saying: 

Do you disagree with the government? You might be an extremist. Watch out! You'll be banned from using the American finance system. 

And then she adds this announcement from PayPal Holdings:

PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:), in partnership with ADL ( the Anti-Defamation League), today announced a new partnership initiative to fight extremism and hate through the financial industry and across at-risk communities. This is the latest effort by PayPal in combating racism, hate and extremism across its platforms and the industry. 
She goes on to note:
"Democrats run all institutions now and they're determined that no conflicting world views get expressed or funded. More than that, they're intent on ruining the lives of anyone who disagrees."

What's really interesting is this unending claim that Trump supporters, and Trump himself, are fascists.  That's what happens when real history isn't taught, and words are deliberately misused, mischaracterized and defined incorrectly to suit the narrative of the moment. 

Who really are America's fascists? 

Fascism is all about government power, control and expanding government into every aspect of our lives, ergo, more government and more regulations.    But Trump cut taxes, reduced the regulator burden on America and reduced government.  All of which his supporters want, less government, less taxes and less regulations. So how could he and his supporters be fascists?  

However, It's the Democrats who hold the power, and it's the Democrats who want more power, more money, more regulations and bigger government, and it's the Democrats who are partnering with Big Business to discover and destroy anyone who disagrees with their unconstitutional power grab, all of which they've defined as an effort to " root out right-wing extremism". And how does the government define "right wing extremism"? Anyone who disagrees with them.  And anyone who does won't be allowed to conduct business with these commercial entities.  

She goes on to say: 

"We keep seeing the Biden administration using Big Tech and other businesses to hold on to and cement more political power. That's fascism. And here's this little gem: The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement. Sorry, you can't speak, do business, assemble, but it's private businesses so you must be anti-free market it if you're against it. This is dangerous. Wake up! "

Exaggeration?  No, we're already seeing this happening all over the nation, including to farmer in Michigan who has been ordered not to appear with his produce at the next farmers market by the City Council of the city of East Lansing, Michigan because he had the nerve to espouse his Catholic belief that marriage was between a man and woman. 

Imagine that!

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