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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The ‘News’ Ongoing Tennis Match Between Democrats & Media

The ongoing tennis game between the Dems and media will live on so long as the definition of Street Theatre perfectly describes the Democrat Party

By ——--July 20, 2021

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 Front Page ‘News’ of the day is coming directly from a sort of ongoing tennis match between devious Democrats and the news meisters controlling everything that folk get to see and read.  SMACK! The sound of the tennis ball hit by Dem players serving the ball into a waiting media court—where it is instantly picked up and volleyed to the masses.  ‘Journalists’ of the day no longer go out looking for the news anymore.  They sit in front of computers making it up from whole cloth,  while waiting for sensational tips from ever-politicking Dems.

Trying to suss out the truth in the news of our day would be akin to trying to find a small item in the weed-choked Sargasso Sea.  All news dispatched to the media by Dems is intended to divert the public from ever getting to know the Truth.  The photo of the grinning-like-Cheshire-Cat Democrats depicted happily bare-faced without COVID masks on the chartered flight carrying them from Texas to Washington has gone viral over the ‘Net.

‘Look Ma, no masks!’..........To Read More....

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