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Thursday, July 22, 2021

America Will Not Survive Abandonment of Logic

Leftism Celebrates the So-Called Principled Lie

By ——--July 21, 2021

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Blatant hypocrisy: This is an everyday event for Democrats. Just this week, as Cuba’s dictatorship saw massive protests and large numbers self-deporting, Biden stated any refugees reaching the US will be sent back. But, if you cross the US southern border? You’re in luck, friends! You’re not only welcomed, but relocated to oblivious towns across America, all expenses covered. Why is this maddening logic embraced by virtually all US progressives? 

Because subterfuge, deceit and hoaxes are really the only way an aggrieved minority can rise to power. And American far-leftists are only about 10% of the population. One must only look at how the USSR, a nation of 100 million, was ruled by 20,000 communist Bolsheviks, using lies, terror and masacre to control people.........To Read More.....


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