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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It’s Five Minutes to Midnight

By | Jul 26, 2021 |


These are dangerous times we live in. All the things that we thought were safe and sure are now being attacked and undermined. What used to be the liberal left is now carrying the banner of the radical socialist/Marxists and tearing down the symbols of our liberty, destroying in a moment of mindless violence the physical and ideological monuments to all that was great about America.

Our government is turning its back on our Constitution, rewriting history, and taking America away from its roots in democracy and on a path toward tyranny.

Democrat mayors have lost control of their cities, and the streets have erupted with the shouts of socialists and anarchists, who loot and pillage and burn what is not theirs, destroying in a night of wanton violence what hard-working people have spent their lives building. Local governments in blue cities around the country – in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C. – bow to this anarchy, accepting the destruction that lies in its wake, and allowing the radical agenda of the rioters and looters to dictate local policies and overwhelm the police, whose ranks have been reduced to appease the mobs................

While our country has fallen into the hands of lunatics, the Biden administration has embraced the Socialist/Communist/Fascist playbook, hoping to control the American people with restrictive laws and oppressive taxes. The Democrats in Congress are rushing to pass laws that raise the taxes of hard-working people just recovering from a year of lockdowns, that take away the rights of individuals with regard to their medical and social decisions, and that deprive the American people of the right to defend themselves against the tyranny of this new order in America. And, it begins with the Jews, just as it did in Germany less than a century ago, and as it has throughout history. ................To Read More....

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