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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Texas Dems’ tangled web

by Scott Johnson in Coronavirus, Democrats 

On Monday night another Texas Democrat in the celebrated caucus fleeing Austin to shut down the legislature tested positive for Coronavirus. Having made the rounds in Washington to gladhand fellow Democrats in the corridors of power, the caucus from hell is also spreading the virus. In Washington the caucus has met with kacklin’ Kamala Harris and others to advance the unconstitutional federal takeover of election law.

Kacklin’ Kamala has since tested negative for the virus, but others are kacklin’ no more. They include a White House official and staffer for Nancy Pelosi who tested positive after the staff member helped the delegation around the Capitol last week, according to the Axios story here. Both the White House official and the Pelosi staffer attended the same rooftop reception at the Eaton DC hotel on K Street last week.

A supportive Texas Tribune story drily notes that “the confirmed cases have prompted the delegation to make adjustments for how to continue having such conversations.” If you can stop laughing for a few minutes — if you can put yourself in their place and imagine yourself an exhibitionistic political fool — you may find it all deeply poignant.............To Read More....

My Take - They acted like petulant children and then ended up being fools.  If there ever was a schadenfreude moment...this is it.  


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