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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The woke doctors of the future will know pronouns but not medicine

By Andrea Widburg

Long ago, I knew many students at one of the prestigious University of California medical schools. I remember that they were taught that men and women are different. They have different DNA, reproductive organs, bodies, and brains. They require different treatments, too. That’s now passé. Katie Herzog writes that medical schools have gone woke, and woe betide the professor who dares to acknowledge different sexes.

Bari Weiss, at whose Substack blog Herzog’s latest article appears, summarizes Herzog’s article:

Katie’s latest reporting illustrates some of the most urgent elements of that threat. It focuses on how biological sex is being denied by professors fearful of being smeared by their students as transphobic. And it shows how the true victims of that denial are not sensitive medical students but patients, perhaps most importantly, transgender ones. 

Weiss is not exaggerating. The article opens with a med school professor groveling to his students – literally groveling and begging for forgiveness – because he inadvertently used a gendered term: “Pregnant women.” Nor is this hearsay. Herzog’s informant, a medical student named Lauren, has the professor on tape.

According to Lauren, many teachers will not even acknowledge biological sex. Instead, they teach that sex is a matter of gender and gender, in turn, is merely a social construct.  This madness doesn’t come from the professors, claims Lauren. Instead, it’s driven by the students: ..........These medical students are the equivalent of the Hitler Youth or Mao’s students during the Cultural Revolution..............In Maoist China, patients died in droves when the medical students decided that their teachers were insufficiently enthusiastic revolutionaries and drove them from the hospitals...........There’s no time for diffidence. Push back now before free speech equals death..............To Read More....


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