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Friday, July 23, 2021

California is a Mess, And it's Not My Fault, Part II By Rich Kozlovich

California is a leftist paradise!  That is if you define paradise in this manner: 

1. Cities with huge homeless populations that are unsightly, drug addicted, unsanitary, famous spreaders of disease, dangerous, assaulting law abiding citizens, often times with unprovoked attacks, and a mayor who says he's going to increase that population, and wants ten million dollars from these hard working people to do it.  If that's your definition of paradise, then California is for you.   

2. California school district will spend $40M making 'ethnic studies' mandatory for for high school students sparking a woke gold rush for consultants who will charge $1,500 an HOUR to train teachers in CRT.   So, Johnny won't be able to read, write work basic math problems without a computer but he'll believe all whites are oppressive racists and all minorities are blameless victims.  What could possibly go wrong?

3. Criminals should be allowed to run rampant and not be stopped and if they are arrested, they're not to be prosecuted.  Here's a video of thieves  "allegedly" stealing a bunch of stuff from a TJ Maxx  and not one person tried to stop them. In fact, they were so confident nothing would be done, they packed up their booty and just strolled out.  Business owners in San Francisco are now locking up their merchandise behind glass cases because San Francisco's prosecutor, Chesa Boudin, has refused to prosecute them for what he calls "quality of life" crimes.  After all, criminals have needs too.

4. A state where men, who are clearly men, can claim they're women and enter the women's area at health spas, expose themselves to the women there and the young girls, and it's not only legal, the spas are required by law to allow it.  Not only that, other customers defend this activity and another felt the man was the victim being treated with disrespect by the woman who complained and her views were "rooted in ignorance".   All this resulted in violent protests with Antifa.  And why was Antifa so incensed?  "Conservatives gathered to call for women-only spaces after a "trans woman" reportedly exposed "her" “male genitalia” in the women’s area of the spa.  Now, why would anyone consider that insane?
5. Conservatives aren't allowed to have opinions that are contrary to the whatever insane leftist narrative of the day is, and not only at spas.  "GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia held an impromptu “Free Speech Peaceful Protest” in Riverside, Calif., on Saturday following the third cancellation of their “America First” rallies, including one that occurred a few hours before the conservative lawmakers were to appear on stage." Why do they pull this kind of stuff? Are they afraid a message of sanity will corrupt their insane world view?  
6. Employee unions are so much in control, or perhaps I should say, out of control, there are some life guards who are making 400,000 a year.   And it isn't just life guards, this is a terminal infection in California.  "Per Forbes, taxpayers fork over $45 billion a year to those who work for California.  That bill’s set to be stretched across fewer folks — California’s shrinking in population.  And I assume that figure is for state employees only.   If so, what about all the city and county workers?  But don't worry, the Biden administration will fund all this via some kind of "infrastructure" bill, and the leftist utopia that's California will go on and on.  Right?

Well, here's reality.  California's a mess.  It's not my fault, it's not your fault, and the rest of the nation shouldn't be funding insanity.  However, we really should thank California.  Why?  Because they're the touchstone for what not to do.  If you're sane.   



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