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Friday, July 30, 2021

For COVID Vaccine Hesitaters, The CDC Just Gave You Another Reason NOT to Get the Shot

Matt Vespa Matt Vespa Jul 28, 2021 
I’ll repeat that I got COVID, recovered from it, and still got the vaccine when it became available. They’re safe. They work. It was my choice. Some folks are different. Others did not get jabbed for whatever reason. That’s fine. This is America. And with the experts flopping all over the place while also being caught lying, colluding with teachers’ unions to keep schools closed, and outright peddling science fiction—I don’t blame those who are hesitant. 
As we’ve noted before, vaccination from anything was always a controversial topic. Parenting is a can of worms that politicians would normally avoid. Nothing is more dangerous to a political career than a large bloc of angry parents in the suburbs. So, let’s stop acting like vaccine hesitancy is a new phenomenon in the same way how vaccines are not 100 percent effective, though these offer great protection against severe illness and death, and how viruses mutate. There will be variants..........To Read More.....
My Take - For the record, I'm 75, so I'm at the top of the list of those who're supposed to be most susceptible. I'm not vaccinated, and  I'm not going to get vaccinated.  It's not that I'm against vaccinations, in fact I'm a big supporter of vaccinations, and have gotten a lot of vaccinations throughout the course of my life.   
However, I understand this virus is like all these viruses, it's here forever and in this case it isn't nearly as deadly or contagious as their claim. 
The number of people who've actually gotten it is small, the number who've died is really small, the numbers of those testing positive is meaningless since if they tested everyone in the nation for all the viruses we've contracted in the last 50  years everyone would test positive for many of them.
This virus has to run it's course, and it will, every year from now until the end of the world,  It will be with us forever, and just like seasonal flu, people will get sickened and people will die, every years.  That's now the real "new reality" that's the "old reality" we've all lived with for all of my life.   
Furthermore, I don't care what people think, especially the talking heads in the media and government, because this hysteria has made America mentally and emotionally impotent, and physically compliant and docile to government abuse.
The fact is this virus is nothing more than a hysteria generator for leftist tyranny.  Get over it. 

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