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Friday, July 23, 2021

Liz Cheney, flamin' hot hypocrite

July 23, 2021 By Monica Showalter

The term "Republican in Name Only" or RINO is flung around loosely, but it doesn't get more deadly accurate when the person involved is Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

Having gotten herself a spot on House speaker Nancy Pelosi's 9/11 commission, and declaring that she was "honored" to have gotten Pelosi's own invitation (kid you not), she decided to horn in on the very real rift between Pelosi and her own party leader, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, over the committee personnel.  That rift came when McCarthy yanked all five GOP nominations to the commission after Pelosi rejected Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan as threats to the "integrity" of the commission, in an unprecedented move.  McCarthy said Democrats don't get to pick and choose their Republicans for the commission.

According to Cheney, as reported by the Federalist and Daily Caller, "I agree with what Speaker Pelosi has done."  According to Oil City News, a local media outlet in Caspar, Wyoming, she also said this:...........

 Pelosi's hypocrisy is legion, and it's expected.  Cheney's is something else.........To Read More....

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