Monday, December 6, 2021

A Thought or Two on Renewable Energy and Culture

By Rich Kozlovich

For those who aren't aware of the terminology, baseload stands for baseload demand.  That's the minimum amount of power a power producing company must make available to it's customers, and that number will vary according to the time of day.   Solar and wind couldn't meet a fraction of that number, and never will, unless someone comes up with some incredibly new and innovative technology. 

However, it's a technology we don't need in order to produce the energy we need.  And its technology we don't need in order to replace inexpensive readily available technology that will last for over 200 years.  And striving to do all this because we're attempting to seriously reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.  Imagine that. 

And why are we spending all this money and effort to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? Because environmental activists, in and out of government, claim it causes global warming, and global warming will destroy the world.  As the kid in the Little Rascals used to say:  Remarkable!

They keep making these claims of a worldwide climate disaster in spite of the fact that while the amount of CO2 is increasing, the world stopped warming over 20 years ago, and it appears the world may be going through a cooling period. 

Okay, let's try get this right,  because it's really all about "the basics", and here they are.  

  • CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that's necessary to all life on the planet.
  • The amount of CO2 on the planet is fixed!  
  • It may be trapped in various ways, or it may be released in varying ways, but there is never too much or too little.  We may have more, or we may have less in one form or another, but the system is designed to store it and release it.  
  • All throughout the history of the world the amount being stored and released has varied, and at times substantially, and all done naturally.  Meaning long before mankind had, or could have anything to do with it. 
  • The world has gone thought warming periods in the past that were substantially warmer than it is now, or has been wrongly predicted by computer models.  All done before mankind had, or could have anything to do with it. 

So, I think it bodes well these questions.  

  • If the world was substantially warmer in the past than it is now, was that "all natural"?
  • If it was "all natural", why shouldn't we believe any climate trends now occurring are anything other than natural? 
  • Did any of the dire predictions for modern times made by activists happen in those ancient days? 

The answers are all "the basics".  

There's absolutely nothing in the historical record to show any of these calamities happened then, and in fact the historical record shows mankind prospering during those periods, so if that's true, and it is, and none of these disasters occurred when it was substantially warmer, why should we believe any of this will happen now?  Well, I guess the rational answer is - We shouldn't!

But instead of accepting history, reality and actual science, we are working hard and spending enormous amounts of money to seriously reduce a substance that's necessary for life.  All in order to fix a non problem.  

Why do I think that's really dumb?  After all, we now know going green is a financial disaster, Obama proved that with his waste of taxpayers money on green subsidies.  We now know Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud.   We also know.....absolutely's "fossil" fuel based technologies and economics is what makes the world work.  Yet so many of the world's leaders are trying to destroy that ability which can't be considered anything less than irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. 

America is no longer a society with a common cultural binding force.  The left has seen to that, and all in my lifetime, and the nuclear family is disintegrating.  When societies no longer have a common binding force then a good economy is absolutely essential as the binding force, and cheap abundant energy is essential to that economy

If the foundations that make a society strong are gone and the economy collapses, for any reason, then a multi-cultural society, in any nation, will begin to disintegrate…violently.  If this becomes a worldwide phenomenon it will make all the violence of the Balkans seem like child’s play, and energy will be the least of our problems. 

That's "the basics!" 

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