Saturday, September 18, 2021

Vaccination Update: Myth, Fact and Hyperbole

By Rich Kozlovich

For the record, I am  now and have always been a pro-vaccination guy.  I'm also a pro-personal decision guy.  Having said that, let's try and get this right.  What's being offered is not a true vaccination, furthermore, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence, and actual evidence until OSHA was told to stop collecting data (actually to hide the data) about the adverse effects of these treatments, that demonstrates very real care should be exercised as to whether or not to get these shots, which are now almost turning into an psychological addiction.  But either way, this should be a personal decision, not a coerced decision by government mandate and social pressure from the media and their cat's paws. 

I've been storing some articles dealing with this Constitutionally illegal vaccination mandate by  President Joe Biden, who is a real fascist, and the media loves fascists when they're Democrat fascists, and hate presidents who they call fascists and are not.  Makes you wonder two things.  Did they ever read a history book, and do they ever read the definitions of words in a dictionary.

 Below are the links to the articles I've posted today.  

There will be a number of things that will come into perspective.  First of all, these vaccines aren't real vaccines.  They do not provide immunity and they don't prevent transmission.   The real danger isn't from those who are unvaccinated because most of them are probably immune, and most likely are not transmitting this infection, and actually are less likely to do so then those who are vaccinated.  It's now becoming clear the real danger is from the vaccinated who it appears now are more susceptible to the variants such as the Delta variant. 

These shots can only be called vaccines because the CDC went all out Orwellian on the truth by changing the definition of what constitutes a vaccine.  In reality, these shots are therapies, not vaccines.  This is right out of Orwell's Animal Farm.

This is an infection that has a 99.97% survivability rate, so why are we still in a panic mode?  Furthermore there is no science that justifies the mandates on masks, lockdowns, social distancing or any of the other clabber the deep state imposed on society, in point of fact:

The scientific community has studiously and conscientiously reviewed the science behind the government-mandated shutdowns, their restrictions to preventative and therapeutic medicines, the masks—all of it. The best we can conclude after 18 months of the pandemic is that none of it made a significant impact. For all the very real pain and loss from the government mandates, we didn’t change the outcome.

As for the safety of these "vaccines" which aren't vaccines, there's a growing list of complaints they're causing serious adverse conditions.  This week a friend told me her kidneys stopped working after she got her shot, and her daughter is now having seizures.  Yet we're being unindated with intimidation from the media and prominent celebrities. 

There seems to be a yawning chasm between what is believed by media people and what their viewers/readers/listeners care about when it comes to COVID vaccines.  The nonstop barrage of propaganda telling us to get vaxxed seems to have convinced many media people that the public has bought into Joe Biden's efforts to demonize those who choose to avoid the experimental gene therapies.  (The fact that all three major vaccines have just been rebranded with new names suggests that the pharmaceutical companies are detecting a certain level of resistance, but the media are slower to catch on.)

This is what happened when a local ABC station used its Facebook page to ask families for stories about unvaccinated loved ones lost to COVID "for a story we're working on".  They wanted condemnation of the unvaccinated but what they got were 218,000 comments (as of September 10)  where the "overwhelming majority were stories of adverse reactions to the vaccines, including claimed reports of deaths."

Finally you will see an unending list of contradictions, back peddling and outright lies from the "experts", of which I put Fauci at the top of that list, all of whom would doom the nation, and the world, to keep receiving shots today, shots tomorrow, shots forever.  

Oh, one more point. I'm 75 and considered an at risk person. I've not gotten these shots, and I'm not going to get these shots.  I've lived through the Asian flu, and the Hong Kong flu, both were probably worse than this coronavirus, and no one thought it was a good idea to shut down the world.

Below is the first installment of Vaccination Update: Myth, Fact and Hyperbole.  Enjoy!

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