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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

My Commentaries for 2022 By Rich Kozlovich

Well, 2022 is finally ending, which was one of the worst two years in America history, I'm again listing my commentaries for the year.  I did a lot this year, more than I realized.  224 this year versus 164 last year.  I've said I probably have written a thousand essays over the years.  You'd think there must be a book in there somewhere.  

One of my readers is an award winning novelist who once commented, "you wade into a lot of trenches", and while I never thought of it in that way, I realized she was right, and have used that statement on occasion. Taking my friend's comment to heart, and as I reviewed my articles, I realized I needed to organize them into categories.  They're in topical order.  If the articles are part of a series, they're listed together irrespective of when they were published.    

I think my last article about warm memories is my favorite, and perhaps even my best.   

America in Crisis, American Values, RINO'sBig GovernmentBook ReviewCrime in America
    Constitution Culture
    Deep State Corruption, Tyranny
    Election 2022Economics, ESG, DEI, Social Justice 
    Fixing Education in America is Job One
    Going Green, Global Warming.  Never Failing to Be Wrong
    HistoryIsrael, Netanyahu, Leftist Insanity Immigration IslamLeftism is Like Rust: It Never Sleeps, and Leftism is predicated on Lies. Leftism is Unhappy, Greedy, Envious, Never Satisfied and a Violent Form of Insanity.
    Racism in America Russo/Ukrainian War, Europe
    Scientific Integrity is an Oxymoron, Pandemic Madness, Crimes Against Humanity, Tyranny

    SCOTUS, Judiciary

    This and That, and Points to PonderTrump Derangement Syndrome

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