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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Media are the Real Threat to America and the World! By Rich Kozlovich

The media in America and the western world is filled with partisan hacks who care little for the truth, facts or the consequences of their actions.  And in America they've supported every leftist monster of the 20th century, and to be blunt, they share in the blood guilt of the 100 million innocent souls murdered by these socialists.  That's especially true of the New York Times, albeit they're not alone.

Communism and fascism are forms of socialism, two sides of the same coil, and equally as murderous, and the media has supported them.  Here's a list of articles I've been saving dealing with this media corruption problem.  Also, I didn't realize how much I've written about the media, I've gone back and tagged , especially the New York Times, I really enjoyed beating up on them.

Going back into my files I came across this 2018 statement I made in my commentary, We Need to Get This: The Media Lies....Constantly! 

"These few cases are by no means isolated. Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Randall Hoven’s media fraud list as of August 16, 2007. If you had any delusions as to the integrity of the main stream media I would think this would put those delusions to rest.  His final question: "If this the tip of the iceberg, how big is the iceberg?"

As I said, I didn't realize how much I've written about my distaste for the media going back to at least 2010.   I've listed them below, and I guess these are my media book.  So, pick and choose, and hopefully, enjoy! 

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

My Media Commentaries, 2022-2010
Bias and Outright Leftist Lies

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