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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Observations From the Back Row: Leftist Angst!

By Rich Kozlovich

Since the leftist media's calamity of waking up on Wednesday morning to find Trump won there's been sack cloth and ashes and self-righteous moral outrage by these myrmidons of Saul Alinksy, even demanding riots, civil disobedience and declarations of what they're going to do from now on to attack Trump. 

In the article: Cover Story: Bob Staake’s “The Wall", the author says it was like hitting a brick wall at full force.  “The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism,” David Remnick wrote in a piece posted shortly after the announcement. “The pathos—the disappointment at waking up on Wednesday morning and not finding a woman President-elect—is undeniable, and heartbreaking,” added Amy Davidson. Our Web site is now continually updated with reactions like these, to the news of Trump’s victory. “To combat authoritarianism, to call out lies, to struggle honorably and fiercely in the name of American ideals—that is what is left to do. That is all there is to do,” Remnick concluded. And so we must go on....."

And go on doing what exactly? 

The author wants to call out "nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism" ...and to "call out lies".  Okay, I don't have a problem with any of that.  That's the American Way - unlike the rest of the world.  In Denmark where Geert Wilders is on trial for having the nerve to express negative views of Muslim immigration in his country.  Socialists love free speech - just as long as it's the speech that's acceptable to the politically correct - at least what's correct for the left's philosophical flavor of the moment.

The problem is always the same with leftists.  They're more than happy to attack conservatives, whites, capitalists and Christians when they may fail in some way.  Even if it's a minor infraction they will make it the story of the week to destroy them.  But let someone from the left - or someone who approved of by the left  - lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder and plunder - and you will barely hear a word - and then only because someone on the right exposed it first. 

So - David Remnick and all the media myrmidons of the left - start with an expose of the criminal behavior of the Clinton's, and the rest of the left, and maybe your claim to "struggle honorably and fiercely in the name of American ideals", may carry some weight and have some positive impact on the nation and the world.  Otherwise, I don't much care what any of you have to say, because you are all members of the Church of the Eternal Whine using our own ideals and values against us, with nothing to offer in return but the incontestable historical record of all nations afflicted with lefitsm - dystopia.

Can you imagine what the main stream media would be saying if Hillay had won and this was being done?   The moral outrage would be been deafening and unending.  Assassination threats against Trump by the boatload and is there outrage against this blatant attack against the "American ideal" David Remick talks about?  That is an attack against the "American Ideal".....don't you think?  It seems like an attack to me!  Does that seem like an attack to you?  So - if that's really an attack against the American Ideal - and it is - where's the moral outrage from the left?  It's simple - none of that is an attack to the left's moral foundation and their vison of what's the "American Ideal".  

The left has no moral foundation of it's own.  It's like an agnostic or atheist complaining about religionists for anything they may view as an infraction of faith, while having no faith of their own, and nothing to offer in return. 

Hillary had the money, organization and the media on her side and still coudn't win.  Trump had the media trying to eat him alive, a small campaign chest by comparison, and many Republican party leaders against him - some going back and forth - not nearly as big a campaign staff as Hillary and furthermore he's rude, crude, and I find him fundamentally unlikable, yet he won! Does anyone beside me think that demonstrates just how bad a candidate Hillary was?  As for her being the smartest woman in the world - name one really smart thing she ever did!

The finger pointing for Hillary's loss is going on right now.  But they all miss the same basic foundational problem.  Hillary was a bad....really bad.... candidate.  She was boring, she had nothing to offer, she's corrupt, she's more than willing to sacrifice any woman that Bill raped, she's greedy, rude, nasty and let's face it - she's a mess.  And no one in the party noticed that before? 

Bernie maybe?  Except Bernie wasn't a Democrat before....and now he's not a Democrat again.... and whether or not he left in protest is immaterial.  He's publically stated he will return to the Senate as an independent.  They can't even keep the guy who almost toppled Hillary in the primaries. 

"And here's an interesting thought from "Jane Sanders, wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, said Friday that she "absolutely" believes he could have won Tuesday’s election if he’d been the Democratic nominee."  Leftism without delusional comments by head nodders in an echo chamber is an empty vessel.  However, we know this for sure - he's been able to buy a $600,000 lake front home now.  Whether he was able to afford this was because of the sale of another home or not I have to wonder - was this really just bad timing and bad judgement creating a perception of chicanery when there was none?  Maybe, but why didn't he give that money to the starving population of Venezuela?  We know he didn't do that!  He'd be more than happy to give them yours. 

There's another thing to think about.  No matter how bad Hillary was as a candidate, and no matter how arrogant her campaign staff might have been we have to ask: Does that explain Democratic losses in government nationwide?

Of course this finger pointing will go on for ever with Hillary's slack jawed vacant eyed dweebish followers - they're now blaming the media and FBI director Comey for this loss.  They certainly have an argument that the FBI's actions resulting from what was discovered during a legitimate investigation of Clinton's criminal activities didn't help, but blaming the media?  That's rich!

Is the Democratic party dead?  No! But what brought the Republicans back in 1964?

Remember that was the year Goldwater was crushed by Johnson. They came back because his "disciples....came back after Watergate" and with the "Reagan Brigade.... brought so many.... into politics."   Silvio Canto, Jr. asks: "Do you see anything like that in the Democratic Party? I don't. I do see a bunch of malcontents pushing grievances or identity politics. Where is the Democrat who will bring white workers back?  It won't be Senator Elizabeth Warren, or anyone else who can't win between the coasts. You can forget Senator Tim Kaine, who will fade faster than the "mashed potato" dance. 

He goes on to say the Democrats need to start looking at the American world between the West and East coasts and perhaps.....just perhaps.....they "may learn something about the country [ they] don't know a thing about."  Since this is a country they wish to rule....not govern....rule.....that seems unlikely.  Multicultrualism, abortion and transgenderism are their core values, and they are disasters.  So what does that leave them? Riots and insurrection! That's the one thing no one excels at better than leftists.  Rot, ruin, rampage and destruction.   But somehow according to Harry Reid - a lifetime member of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid - it's all Trump's fault.

Larry Klayman wants Trump to not let up and legally destroy Clinton and Obama and not to waver from holding opposition accountable saying: "I would like to work with the new Trump Justice Department to accomplish this, but if, like W. and his then attorney general, they are not willing to seek justice and eliminate the two-tier corrupt justice system that gives special treatment to the Washington elites of both parties, then Freedom Watch and I will go it alone.  Now is not the time to get weak-kneed. It’s time to finish off the Clintons, Obama and the leftist criminals that almost took this nation down!

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